Top 3 biggest technology trends for 2020

Technology is rapidly advancing – everyone knows that. And with 2020 fast approaching, new and exciting technological innovation is coming.In order to be prepared for the upcoming year, this list will take you through the top 3 biggest technology trends that you need to look out for – no matter what industry you are in. Helping you to grasp these opportunities and have the right resources in place so that your business can adjust alongside it, you’ll go into the new year ready for these technological advancements – and not left in the dark. The Rapid Takeover of Artificial Intelligence…


Whether it’s improving employee experience or employee engagement, it all starts with the leaders

We are living in an age of greater workforce mobility, and we are smack bang in the middle of an employee-led recruitment market. In today’s fast-paced global business environment, staff retention is one of the greatest challenges businesses face. It’s no wonder that there has been so much discussion about how to make the workplace more attractive. Losing and replacing staff is notoriously expensive and time-consuming. It makes far more sense to hold on to valuable staff members. The key is to create a business environment in which employees feel happy, fulfilled and involved. The trouble is, it seems that…


The 10 most in-demand tech jobs for 2020 — and how to hire for them

As companies scramble to adapt to a tight IT job market, they’re doing whatever they can to attract top tech talent. For some that means getting a head start in filling this year’s most in-demand roles, which range from data-focused to security-related positions, according to 2020 IT salary report. The survey also reveals the average salaries for each role based on experience. A lot will impact a company’s starting salary, including competition, location, corporate culture and budgets, there are certain things you can look for to make sure you land the talent you want. Here are 10 jobs expected to…