Where to work if you want a pay rise?

CV Library have recently compared this years pay data with years previous and have concluded that employers are now offering higher salaries to attract high quality job seekers. Bristol tops the list of high paying places to work, with salaries rising by 7.6%. As there is little to no explanation given for the pay raise, we seem to be forced to speculate as to what it could be that has made Bristol’s salaries suddenly explode over the last year. Support for the idea that Bristol is indeed a jobs hot-spot comes from Tech Nation’s latest annual report has found an…


The Highest Paid IT Jobs In The UK

Emolument.com has recently analysed salaries from over 5,800 UK employees who are currently working in technology jobs. The figures show that seniority still pays despite the focus on generation y and z: the more experience you have, the higher the salary you will get paid.   Please see the table below which shows the highest paid IT jobs in the UK Rank Job Median salary Average experience 1 Enterprise Architecture £65,000 14 2 Programme Management £65,000 12 3 IT Security £59,000 12 4 Product Management £58,000 10 5 Data Science £53,000 6 6 Business Analysis £50,000 10 7 Service Delivery £50,000 10 8…