This Day In Technology-April 24

The day Apple went portable On April 24 1984, Apple introduced the Apple IIc computer,they also announced the numbers for Mac Sales, and discontinued the Apple III line. The Apple IIc was Apple’s first crack at a portable computer.  Some dealers placed orders for more than 52,000 units on the first day. Apple also announced that they have sold over 60,000 Macs since their introduction in January of 1984 . In comparison to the Apple III line which only sold an estimated 120,000 units in the four years since it was introduced, which lost Apple a huge total of $60…


This Day In Technology – April 20

The Day Windows 98 Went Blue April 20 1998 During the COMDEX Spring ’98 and Windows World shows in Chicago, a public demonstration of the soon-to-be released Windows 98 goes all horribly wrong when Bill Gates’ assistant causes the operating system to crash after plugging in a scanner . Instead of showing the plug-and-play capabilities they were trying to demonstrate, a “Blue Screen of Death” is visible by the entire audience which immediately erupts in laughter. Moments later Bill Gates responded, “That must be why we’re not shipping Windows 98 yet.” Funnily enough, the assistant, Chris Capossela, has now moved up…